Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coming Back From the Haze

I'm tired. I don't know when I will be less tired though, so I might as well get back to writing here. I haven't written anything since the days right before the birth of our son, Jameson, in June. Sleep-deprived nights have given way to busy days. However, I have had two of you actually ask that I write again. It's therapeutic for me, plus, my biggest fan doesn't like to read what I say about football, but wants me to write here. So to expand my audience, I will try to occasionally add a post here and there.

I'll dig back in in the coming weeks, now that Jameson is hitting the six month mark in a few days. I've certainly had plenty of material to talk about over the last six months. Jameson, by the way, has been the best baby that a family with three older children could possibly ask for.

He is entertained by all his siblings. He laughs at anything I do. He really likes when I sing, and is thus destined to be tone deaf. He is also a major momma's boy and that probably won't change throughout his life. His brother and sisters hold him a lot, and so he is spoiled rotten and doesn't like to be alone. We are blessed to have him.

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