Monday, June 13, 2011


Okay, so, sometime between now and sometime Tuesday, when the induction is scheduled if it hasn't happened by then, our fourth child, Jameson Carter Lisk, will be joining our household. (and yes, this time, I promise we are done). It would be a more daunting task if he didn't have the best possible big brother and two great sisters waiting for him.

Owen is the best big brother a young guy could have, both thoughtful and independent, sweet but competitive. The teachers rave about him, including how he helps other students. He'll play catcher if the team needs him to, even though he doesn't like it. He works hard and seems wise beyond his years (out of nowhere yesterday he said "Dad, commercials are just things to get people to buy stuff, and they usually make them seem better than they are.")

Ainslee is our sweet heart and our artist, always wanting to express beauty. She likes to paint with anything, including food. She is mischievous and playful, yet can be serious when she is getting into her art. She is the absolute most joyful child, and I would give anything for those looks on her face when something has her excited. And right now, it's an ear-to-ear grin waiting to meet her big brother.

Harper, well, she's a little younger and like with all our children, who are constantly evolving and developing who they are, we are still seeing new bits of her every day. One thing I know for sure is that she will teach Jameson toughness, because she has loads of it. She falls down--injuries that would put me out for a week--and pops right back up. She has a strong spirit, one we are trying to direct as she ages, but never break. At a pool last week, she was going up a large water slide, like a really large one with multiple turns, with 10 year olds. Fearless.

And Jameson, we don't know what you will bring, though your mother seems to think, for the fourth straight time, I'm still not getting that calm, quiet child I've been asking for. It will be hard to not compare you to Owen, Ainslee or Harper, or ourselves, but that is the challenge, isn't it? Let you emerge while shaping, without constricting. Whoever you are, it will be perfect. I'm ready to meet you.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet blog Jason!!! You melt my heart! I can't wait to meet my newest nephew and your youngest son! Way to go have so much to be proud of!!! Lots of love, Amber