Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It has been roughly 19 months since I wrote anything here, and over two years since I really wrote anything here, as I added but one tale (and the hope to write more) in May of 2012.

The best intentions get de-railed by all sorts of real life events. That is what happened with my writing here. When I began writing in May of 2011, we were awaiting the birth of our fourth child. I went on a writing binge until his birth. After he was born, I did not write for a period of time. When he turned six months old, I resolved to get back to writing little stories here. I began to do so.

Then my dad passed away unexpectedly on December 17, 2011. To say that event rocked our world would be an understatement. I am not sure I have fully come to terms with it, nor that I ever will. The two year anniversary just a few weeks ago--going out to the cemetery--was one of the more difficult emotional moments for me. I did not expect that. So, I guess life was turned upside down. Writing something, when I spend my days writing about sports, got lost amid the hustle and bustle and sadness.

So, I am resolving to write again, because it is good for me. I am going to, in 2014, try to write something every single day. Maybe nothing major. I look back on some of those earlier stories and they remind me of things that I would otherwise have forgotten. How many memories have escaped me in the last two years, lost in the haze? 

That's one of my resolutions. I'm going to take the approach that if I have a few more, maybe I will follow through on some. Here are some of the others that have weighed on me:

Exercise every day: Four kids, work, and plenty of other excuses. I need to be better, not only because it is good for me physically, but because it provides a break and mental re-charging.

Contact people I know and love more frequently: I am really bad at keeping in contact with people. Again, I need to stop falling back on excuses of life and make this a priority.

Sing, dance, and laugh more: I can be pretty goofy. I feel like I don't show this as much in the last two years.

Become better at compartmentalizing life: this will be hard. I need to let things go, and leave work away from family. It is a challenge when social media is ever-present, and the job involves working from home. 

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