Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cotton Bowl

I didn't write this weekend because, well, I was actually on the road. Owen and I took a road trip to the Cotton Bowl. Good trip, long drive down and back, and plenty of time in the car. The main takeaways are that I learned fart humor and references to butt sweat never get old, and I learned the names of many artists that I had not known.

We also went to the Mizzou tailgate party before the game, and Owen got his picture taken with Kim English, former basketball star. The game was exciting, and we managed to avoid getting into any fights. (The latter was more of a concern due to Owen's trash talking than my own). Also, thanks to Travis Crabtree's gold pants and Robb Yagmin's black and gold pants, I learned that I really need to step up my pants game.

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